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                                      The Passage of Imagination

These are some works from my solo show displayed in Fine art Museum and Gallery, Punjab University done in  October 2016

For a visual artist, imagination is a process of image making that ignites inspiration and resolves gaps arising from our social nature of conditioning. These experiences are generated from our cultural - historical education, information and life encounters. As an artist my  area of interest is a kind of Philosophical investigation on the concept of utilitarian and inquiry into the nature of mental images. Through the magic of making forms, an attempt is made to understand the significance of transformation applied on objects that are used by human activities for various purposes. Imagination comes into play only when an object (which once shared the space of a close belonging & proximity ) is absent from sensory perceptions. This distance is intimately related to human experience in such a way that one cannot see without  perspective.  Many a times in my works, forms take shapes from metamorphosis to metaphors signifying a different meaning to recognizable objects. These kind of visual imagery creates a volatile sequence of narratives and further result enables ongoing time- space co ordination necessary for thoughts and action. This way it becomes important and exciting to observe how change in context of content gives a new value to an image of artistic merit  and imaginative faculty of mind. Hence, Artist and Spectators are quite articulate in formulating the courses of their interpretive process

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